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Rain... Rain on Me

I live in Northern California...it is February 2017 as I return to this blog...and it is still raining...still flooding other parts of the North State but not my place...we're just getting wet and all my plants are getting very green.

Have you ever stopped to think how incredibly amazing it is that water falls from the sky ?   How does that happen? I know there is the scientific aspect about evaporation and precipitation...but come on, tons of water are carried around the atmosphere then drop down to earth in massive buckets!!....water in buckets...think how heavy that must be! And all that water floats  in the sky!  Try carrying water buckets and feel the weight... and God bless all those who actually DO carry water buckets every day...just to survive.

I digress.  I am enjoying the rain and the water.  Perhaps I should start a painting about water falling from the sky because Im amazed enough to write these words...It's not the HOW of rainfall that blows my mind, or even the WHY of rainfall that Im interested in..it's simply the fact that IT FALLS.  Rain, like LIGHT, is not human!  It is nature ..it is pure spirit... it's a miraculous gift from the wonderous inexplicable creative force behind all...ALL...things.

So....the painting.?..how would I go about painting the Spirit of the Rain.?..well, first I would just throw out uncensored  words and images that come to my mind...like  coolness, wetness, blues, grays, Alaska, protection, moisture, sex, fertility, clouds, motion, lines parallell, angled, ruthless...??  Then Ill look around the studio for a surface to paint on..or Ill go make one...I see this piece and being long and narrow..I will make a texture (like raindrops?) to start painting on, and maybe write on the painting, or include words about how I was rained out in Alaska and sang songs about rain for two days...or how I watched the purple rain in Taos blanket the red hills...or how I snuggled under colorful cozy blankets with another warm body as it stormed outside...

and then the muse will arrive and bless me with colors and shapes and tools and objects and I will create something lovley..I hope.  Hmmmm... I better get started.  I hear the rain on the roof.

Two Magpies Enjoy Purple Rain


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