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I can imagine that other artists procrastinate too.  That's what I'm doing.  Maybe I can get away with calling it "perculating".  But all I want to do is to sit in a comfy chair in my colorful blooming spring time yard , have a coffee, and watch the two blue jays court each other, argue then make up.  Today I planted some tiny sprouted wildflowers in a place where part of the lawn used to be..and it would be great if they grow..

I like planting things..because it fosters positive anticipation..something that I do not have to work at when considering the growth of a flower..but given the the chance to ponder other aspects of my life and work..and anticipate the results as confidently as I anticipate the blossoming of a flower...that is not easy. 

I started to write this blog awhile back, because I was told by business advisors..who think of things like this...to speak directly to those who are interested in my work, to reach out and create a bit of intamacy.  To my surprise, I found that I enjoy writing but for no reason other that I can!  I always have ideas swirling around my head about art and inspiration and the oddities of life and love.  One thing that I didn't really consider was the fact that other people ACTUALLY READ this site and for that Im grateful.

 It's been a trip talking to people about my work..my paintings, classes and even this blog.  For the most part I think that at least I have fostered discussion which is a goal probably many artists share.  I have had people so happy with thier purchase of a painting that they have left a gushing note or flowers at my door.  I've had people say "Oh, I don't know you ..but I know your work!" I have had folks tell me that they loved something and I have forgotten what piece they are taking about.  Some have been moved to tears.  Others went into couples therapy.  I get thanks from my college students all the time.  

And its not always the most positive commentary.  Recently I had a student write that he was very dissappointed in my class because it wasnt hard enough, another called me out on my obvious need to be better organized....A commenter wanted me to remove a blog post because  it bothered them..(so  I did) and I even had a comment/request to  remove a painting from my website (I didnt) .  People have returned paintings, demanded paintings, given a few to thrift stores (as I found out later), cried when they saw a piece that moved them..and some comment by taking one look at the work I make and making a beeline for the door!

I have a freind who is a musician who says "Every morning I wake up and ask myself..Am I still interested" ?  I think thats what I appreciate about any comment regarding the work I have done so far....at least it seems that, once in a while,  I generate interest..in what I cant be sure.... but at least its a conversation starter.



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