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    Straight from the studio—here are some of my latest paintings.

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  • Alaska Series

  • Birds

    Encaustic painting of a bird by Cynthia Schildhauer

    The Bird Series echoes my fascination with birds, and how amazing they are.  Their greatest attribute is that they are everywhere!  As I started to devote my attention to the world of birds and the fantastic names they are given, as well as the infinite quirky characteristics that each species  has developed to insure survival,  I began to wonder how many other wonderful I things, like birds,  I have overlooked that are right in front of my face.

  • Narratives

    My Narrative Series are paintings that tell stories and recite poems in visual form about the trials and tribulations of daily life.  These are an ongoing expression of how I make it through my daily life with the demands that we all face…family, pets, automobiles and overall economic survival as well as the spiritual / emotional tugs of war and revelations that transpire through it all.  I am grateful to be alive and fully immersed in a rich life filled with contradictions and love to the core. 

  • Landscapes

    I feel so fortunate to live in an area so immersed in natural beauty.  My Northern California landscape paintings are my way to reflect upon the splendor of our local natural landscape and the idea of how amazing life can be, especially when deliberately changing ones perspective towards what is beautiful, right in our own backyard.


  • Abstract

    My Abstract work is where I freely experiment...most of the work isabout the luxurious material of encaustic with its texture, brilliant color possibilities and amazing natural capabilites for adhesion and layering.



  • Chico A to Z Series

    Description for Chico A to Z.

  • 100 Paintings in 100 Days

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