Material List - Encaustic Painting Workshop

The Encaustic Painting technique requires many materials in the creation of your painting.  We provide two materials purchse options for the Encaustic Painting Workshop: Partial Material and Full Materials.  If you have chosen to pay the Partial Material Fee ($25.00) you will need to bring the entire list of items below.  If you have chosen to pay the Full Material Fee ($125.00), please bring just the first 10 items, and we will bring the items on the bottom of this list.  Please contact CynthiaArt if you have any questions. 

In addition to the items listed below, material will be for sale at the workshop.  See the list of items available for sale during the workshop. (quantities may vary)  (see below

Everybody please plan on bringing to class:

A journal

Writing implements

Images that are meaningful to you including photos, cut outs , letters...etc

Tasty snacks??????


If you purchased the FULL MATERIALS FEE,

bring the above materials (and anything extra you want)

If you paid just the Partial Material Fee please also bring these items :


  • Griddle with temperature gage (125*)
  • Electric fry pan with gage
  • Ladel
  • Beeswax (bleached or unbleached) NO petroleum base (ie parafin)!!
  • Damar resin crystals
  • Brushes (old or new, all sizes, not too small)
  • Encaustic paints
  • Paint pigment/ oil sticks/ oil paint/ water based oils
  • Rubber gloves /mask??
  • CAT FOOD/  TUNA CANS (6 or more)
  • Carving tools
  • Scrapers
  • Rags
  • Sponges
  • Scissors/ wood glue/ tacky glue/ (glue gun)
  • Sharpie markers
  • *Heat gun
  • *Small torch
  • Ventilation/ at least two fans-at least one blowing out a window or door
  • Flat working surface
  • Wood painting surfaces (at least 6, 14 " x 14" maximum size)
  • Extension cord


                              Items for sale

one pound blocks of beeswax

varied encaustic paints

damar crystals

griddles/heating surfaces

electric pans