Latest Work — June 2009

My newest work..I'm changing..despite myself. I look at my life and know I get to accept it just as it is...perfectly imperfect. Sometimes I don't know what to do so I've learned to do nothing till I know what the next right thing is. The painting below is called THE ARRIVAL OF LOVE.

All this stuff I am supposed to figure out and really all I want to do is to allow more love into my life and to relax.



29 Remaining in the One Hundred Paintings Series

sold #74


These are the remaining paintings from my
100 Paintings in 100 Days Series
Get one, they're going fast!
Thanks to the 81 collectors so far!



Love...Am I Getting it Right? I getting it right?

I heard this line on TV the other day :

Focus on what you HAVE, not what you HAD.
More paintings, more pairs,
more hoping that my paintings inspire me to be
open to something new
and fun in the love department.

More Couples


New Paintings: Pairs

Floating Towards You
Encaustic Mixed Media on panel



Two Yellow Larks Face Their Happy Future
Encaustic Mixed Media on Panel



Two Bears Kissing on the Lips (sold)
Encaustic mixed media on panel

I'm painting pairs of birds right now, partners for life..
I want my paintings to teach me how to get it right.


Little Places


One Hundred Paintings Done!


One Hundred Original Paintings made in
One Hundred Days
One Hundred Square Inches each
One Hundred Dollars for
One Hundred Minutes (+ or - )
(May 3 between 5 and 6:50 pm)
150.00 a piece before and after May 3, 08
contact: Chico Paper Company




  1. Look Up  sold
  2. Two Green Apples
  3. The Single Blue Dot
  4. Ride the Wave sold
  5. Fig
  6. Lederhousen sold
  7. Growing Through sold
  8. Red-Crested Titmouse in Contemplation sold
  9. Take the Steps sold
  10. The Maze
  11. Options sold
  12. Broken Record
  13. Kiss sold
  14. Fruit Within sold
  15. The Gift sold
  16. Bouquet of Roses sold
  17. The Dreamer sold
  18. Why? sold
  19. Cell on Ice
  20. Four Snakes Firedancing sold
  21. Natural Beauty sold
  22. Now sold
  23. Corvid sold
  24. Self-Sufficient sold
  25. Up and Out sold
  26. The Window sold
  27. Sometimes I Get Tired sold
  28. Rocky Road
  29. R U Lion? sold
  30. The Moon Shines on a Dormant Hill sold
  31. Grace sold
  32. Undercurrent
  33. One A Day
  34. Little Hercules sold
  35. Storm
  36. Ribs
  37. Relax sold
  38. Release
  39. Orchard sold
  40. Mourning Dove sold


  1. What’s the Question? sold
  2. Disappearing Fish sold
  3. Entropy sold
  4. Cord
  5. City sold
  6. Tree and Treasure sold
  7. Five Points
  8. Prevail sold
  9. Focus sold
  10. Halfway
  11. Come Here
  12. Coil
  13. Leaning Left sold
  14. Rising sold
  15. Countdown
  16. House and Tree sold
  17. Gap sold
  18. Rain
  19. Red Clouds sold
  20. The Big Why? sold
  21. I’m Here (Alive, CA)
  22. Winter
  23. Tree at Dusk sold
  24. Greener Grass
  25. Chatter sold
  26. House of Gold sold
  27. Fruit sold
  28. Eliminate the Unnecessary
  29. Greenhouse sold
  30. Wave sold
  31. Threads sold
  32. Think Positive sold
  33. Grove sold
  34. Balance sold
  35. Paraphrasing sold
  36. Heaven and Earth sold
  37. Eat sold
  38. Sometimes Crystal Pain Falls From Black Clouds
  39. Raining on the Inside sold
  40. Love is All I Got sold
  1. Angel
  2. Detach sold
  3. Stop sold
  4. Yellow House sold
  5. Now #2 sold
  6. Sticks and Stones
  7. Imperfect Stripes
  8. Snakes on the Lawn sold
  9. Butter
  10. The White Dog sold
  11. R U Feelin’ Lucky?
  12. Implosion sold
  13.  A Door sold
  14. 94 Good Thoughts sold
  15. Glow sold
  16. Ouroborous sold
  17. Friends sold
  18. My House sold
  19. Courage sold
  20. THANK YOU sold

















One Hundred Paintings in One Hundred Days!

My new project...I am making 100 paintings, 10 " x 10" (100 square inches) in 100 days. I want to show these on the 100th day of the year and sell them FOR ONE DAY ONLY for . guess...yes 100.00!

Here are just a few of the pictures...I am almost halfway done, with about 50 to go.


Open Arts in Mendocino-April 19 and 20, 08 and October 26 -27, 2007-Scroll down!

Imagine a group of creative people drawn to the beautiful Mendocino coast
for the soul purpose of artistic plans other that to create
From The Source. Here we are, doing creativity freestyle....Were having a group again in April 2008..

interested? Call the Mendocino Art Center or call Cynthia directly...530-898-9944 or 521-4321


More Brown

"Find a Way"


This Bird I call the "White Chirper"

This picture is called "The Family". sold

This painting is called "The Beacon". Right now I am looking for all the
support I can get...any beacon of light out there I can use sold

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